Are unicorns there?

The appearance, with regard to the existence of unicorns in real life, links to the western and eastern mythologies which have evolved over the years. It is not an easy thing to say that unicorns have a real existence outside the imaginations of people. There is one thing which needs to be kept in mind at all times, it is that way before the world was introduced to explorers such as Magellan and Columbus people did not have any idea or evidence supporting the fact the world is round. Therefore, the question as to whether or not unicorn’s fossil remains are likely to be found while giving the benefit of the doubt to what is now said to be a myth in the modern era.

What exactly are unicorns?

Another term which is widely used to describe a unicorn is “one horn”. Majority of the depictions which are used to describe unicorns include a horse which is white in color and has a horn emerging from the very center of its forehead. Although there are other names which are used to create a link to unicorns these include deer, goat, ass but all with a horn on the forehead. The description of the horn is given in this way that it is straight and long with striations all over it.

Unicorn sightings

There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that many people have actually claimed to have seen a unicorn. To prove their claims people have also come up with a proper video recording of these unicorns. A famous naturalist of Austria namely Antal Festetics was one of these people since he also told the world that he had seen a unicorn while he was in the Harz Mountains riding on horseback. Then there was a central report which was published by the Ontario Science Centre, talking about unicorn sighting in the area of Don Valley. The video which was made on this very occasion is actually available for everyone to see and judge for themselves whether they choose to believe in the existence of unicorns or not. There is no doubt that kids and adults of all ages are obsessed about unicorns. With tons of Unicorn toy stores like Dreaming unicorns found online, you can rest assured that the magic of unicorns will live on and on for years to come.

Fossil remains of unicorns:

There have been a lot of discoveries which have been made with regard to prove the existence of unicorns in real life. But all those discoveries were of skeletons which ended up being fake. In the years the 1600s, there was a German scientist as well as an inventor namely Otto Von Guericke who actually made a skeleton of a unicorn, which was fake, out of several bones which people took from a cave. Apart from that, there was a proper sketch which was based on this very model and it was even added in a book about natural history, the book was written in the year 1700s. It is still an unknown fact whether or not the created unicorn was fake or do unicorns really exist in the real world.

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