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Cotton Velvet Dust Skirts
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Cotton Velvet Dust Skirts

Cotton Velvet Dust Skirts

Cotton Velvet Dust Skirts More details...
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Kids Bedding , Everything can be mixed and matched. Our Velvet Dust Skirts come in 7 colors. Bright vibrant colors of hot pink, turquoise, lime green, orange, purple to our softer pastel colors of pink and yellow. Our Children's bedrooms are so beautiful when you can create the atmosphere of blended color that makes your girl happy, so have fun with it and enjoy. We would love to help with any of your design needs.Give our design consultants a call at Sweet N Sour Kids 877 992 8964

At Sweet N Sour Kids we have something for every age. From Crib to College. If you are ready to spoil your new little arrival, here is a good place to start. Our Children's Furniture is both Beautiful and Durable. Oh and let's not forget affordable. Our Children's Bedroom Furniture and Nursery Furniture can be left to your own imagination. So many Possibilities. If you are expecting your first baby here is a good place to start.

First choose colors, maybe a soft pallet of pale pink or blue. Using white or an off white is equally as good. Then your pallet is clean and you can go from calm and cool to bright colors that can be done in your Children's Bedding. A harmonious baby room can be done using our wonderful handcrafted Iron Kids Furniture. Our company has been manufacturing iron Children's Furniture for over forty years. These craftsman have been designing and making furniture that is both durable and done with a close attention to detail. Their Kids Furniture is unique and the design ability most satisfying to the and a great base to start to choose accessories. If your are looking to make a princess bedroom for your nursery, look at the princess carriage. Just like the one Cinderella took to the ball. Of course there will be no horses. If little sweet bunnies are what you are looking for, then here we are. We have a large variety of Children' Bedroom Furniture that has hand painted bunnies in a beautiful garden seen or little bunnies toping the ends of the crib. Oh my, so much to choose from. Just add some of our fantastic Kids Wall Decor you have will have it made. Children's Bedding, Girls Bedding and Baby Bedding will seal your design concept and lasting appeal. Our Kids Bedroom Furniture can have multiple functions. Think about this when you are looking to store toys or stack books on shelves.

You want the very best for your new little one. We know you want to create the perfect nursery and we are here to help. Our Children's Bedroom Furniture consists of some many things to choose from. Once your colors and theme have be decided upon then you move on to the Children's Bedroom Furniture. Let's get the look you are going for. First pieces to choose world be the crib and changing table. Once that is chosen, move to the bedding. Both Nursery Bedding and Children's Bedding is our specialty. We offer many exclusive baby bedding ensembles. After choosing that sweet frilly pink set or those blue little stripes or that toy truck motif, designing the rest of the nursery will be easy. You will be spending many sleepless hours in the room that you are creating, so have fun and make this room unique, stylish and functional. Whether your are going for that wonderful round crib or the simple white rails... make it your own. You and your new little one deserve it.

The list of possibilities in choosing your Kid's Furniture is limitless. Where do you begin? Children's Bedroom Furniture should be functional, versatile and stylish. Think about what you want to create. Is it soft and cozy for that little girl of sugar and spice and everything nice or the boy who plays sports morning noon and night. Once you have chosen the Kids Bedroom Furniture that the fun really begins. Top of bed which is referred to in this large world of Kids Bedding can be so exciting. Creating that perfect environment can be done so easily. Let's see.... Is your inspiration coming from a rustic theme or are you going with some natural tone Children's Furniture. For that boy who loves football, basketball, soccer or wild animal jungle book Kids Bedding... we have it.

While creating your frilly girls bedroom, look for comfort and warmth. Maybe go for the vintage soft look or girly ruffles. If your little girl loves ballet, then inspire her with our ballet theme Children's Bedding or Ballerina's or our nostalgic Paper Dolls Kids Bedding. Black, white and pink does it get better then that? A great look for both boys and girls a clean preppy look. This will please both parents and kids. Traditional Kids Bedroom Furniture will last a lifetime. Keep it fresh with new Kids Bedding and Kids Wall Decor. Your child's bedroom is very important. Keep it fun and fresh. This can be done by redecorating every so often. Maybe jazz it up as a birthday present or a holiday present. A new Quilt or new shams from our large variety of Children's Bedding is perfect. No times are changing and to keep up with your tween/teen is not always easy. Show them you get they are growing and they have their own ideas and personality. Get your teenager involved, this can be a great and fun project for you to work on together. Get an idea of colors from her. Then see if you can incorporate some of the Kids Bedroom Furniture that you bought just a few years ago. If this is not doable look and see what they might like on this site. While looking at our large variety of Children's Furniture and Teen Furniture, make some suggestions and try to guide her.

The most important thing to do is the most fun.... Teen Bedding. This to me really can reflect her personality. A great place to start is with our washable cotton velvet quilts. They come is 7 colors, she will probably choose hot pink, lime green or turquoise. Our Teen Bedding has the largest selection you will find. We have be named queen of tween/teen by The Wall Street Journal. We appeal to just about any teen. Her room should be her sanctuary. She spends so much time in here. Being on the computer, watching TV or listening to music... Let her have her own design statement, with your guidance of course. Our Teen Bedding consists of Duvets, Dust Skirts, shams, decorative pillows, sheeting and quilts. If she likes to snuggle up, the washable cotton velvet quilts are number one. Go through the site and look at all of the Children's Bedding and the Teen Bedding, you both will have so much to pick from. If she says I want something simple with sophistication...muted colors or soft pink and yellows or maybe simple stripes would be perfect. Our Petals Quilts in White is a good base for this. Looking under our Teen Bedding section.

Go all the way and let her show you her outrageous color and design sense. Go with hot pink tie dye from our Mermaid Diva Collection or Say it with Leopard in our Fancy Girl bedding Collection. You an find this under our Teen Bedding section. We have many layers of textures as well. Mix cottons and velvets, mix bright colors of hot pink, lime green and turquoise. Go to our Mix Match Category found under Teen Bedding and some found under Kids Bedding. Pick out pillows under our Teen Bedding section. Choose from rhinestones, beaded pillows and soft velvet shams. Get funky, get trendy, Be fun and fresh. Show her how cool you really are. Go to our very cool Teen Bedding and have a laugh and giggle together. If she is still that girly girl, then go whimsical in our Children's Bedding. We have the most beautiful handcrafted vintage tile Mosaic Children's Furniture you have ever seen. The colors of the tiles and the color of the Children's Bedroom Furniture can be your choice. You can go with simple pink and white stripes or go with a solid colors on the Children's Furniture. Them choose colors for the vintage tiles. We are happy to help you with this all the way through. Have that Kids Furniture be exactly the way you want it to be.

We have Children's Bedding to go with this. It was designed to mix perfectly with this mosaic Children's Furniture. You can also go with bright colors, go with a mixture of hot pink and pastel pink tiles. Mix this with our Cotton Velvet Quilts that are machine washable found under our Teen Bedding and Children's Bedding. Make it be whimsical and choose some of great Kids Wall Decor to go with it. No Kids Bedroom should have a shortage of Kids Wall Decor. We have some wonderful Kids Wall Decor done in Sports Themes, Girly Themes and Animal Themes just to name a few. You will go crazy having to decide what you would like on the walls. Don't forget how important lighting is, particularly Children's Chandelier's.
After picking our your Teen Bedding, find a bright color lamp for the desk that you choose from the Kids Furniture area. If you are going for that perfect crystal chandelier, you are in the right place. How about that baby nursery lamp made of tea pots, butterflies or baseballs. Don't forget Kids Rugs. You can do so much with Kids Rugs. They add warmth and design to any room. Kids Wall Decor, Lamps and rugs complete almost any room in your house. Stay with this web site as it is Queen of Teen Bedding, Children's Furniture and so much more. Crib to College

We are standing buy to help with any questions you may have or any design consulting that you may need while shopping on our site. Please feel free to call us and we will bed here to help you 805-985-5400

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