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How do you make the most perfect Teen Bedroom?

Teenagers Like to show their independence. Let them do this in their own space. Their bedrooms, which becomes the most important thing to them. It belongs to them. (well Sorta) Empower them to make choices. They will feel more relaxed in there very own Teen Bedroom done the way they want it to be.

What is Teen Decor?

Wow!! What a large area. This can be Teen Bedding, Tween Bedding, Lamps, Rugs, I could go on and on. Start first deciding on colors that your teen likes best. The most common Teen Decor colors are... Hot Pink, Lime Green and Turquoise. Teen Decor colors can also be Bright Orange and Purple. Mix it all up if you like. There is no right or wrong here. Make it a fun project to work on together. Let them choose some of the wild and crazy Teen Bedding we offer. Tween Bedding falls in this category too. Choose a fun bright color lamp. A shaggy rug in a solid is a great item too. As for Paint on the walls, Go with a colors that blends with the Teen Bedding. Maybe do one wall in a color from the Tween Bedding and 3 walls in a little blending color for Contrast.

What is Tween Bedding?

This falls between the ages of the Kids Bedroom and Teen Bedding. The ages are about 8-12 years old. They want some help choosing but they are starting to have a strong opinion about things. Show them you are listening. There is so much that can be done with Tween Bedding. Mix up the Washable Velvet quilts in the bright colors with some of our wonderfully beaded and embellished pieces. Call and speak with a designer that can help to guide you in our Tween Bedding and Teen bedding. Then we can work in the accessories to go with it. We have teamed up with Davenport Home Furnishings. They are the leaders in Teen Bedding, Tween Bedding and Teen Decor. You are in perfect hands. Make the transformation from Kids Bedroom too Very Cool Teen Bedroom using our great Teen Decor.

I don't want an ordinary Kids Bedroom? I want something special

This category is so large. Work with your child and find out what they have in mind for their Kids Bedroom. Do they want a theme of sports? Or Maybe a color in mind. When beginning to work on your Kids Bedroom go through our site. Get some ideas and help to guide your child with things you like as well.

I think I know what I want for my Baby Furniture. Now I need the Baby Decor to go with it. What should I look at first?

Start with your colors first. The Baby Decor can follow the colors that you have in mind. Perhaps you would like to have your Baby Decor in Pinks and white. Maybe pink Bunnies is what you thinking of. Soft pink walls with a stripe wallpaper on half of the wall with a chair rail. Then look at the hand painted Baby Furniture. A white crib of wrought iron and bunnies at the top of the posts. The next thing to choose form in the way of Baby Furniture would be the changing table. You can get the matching changing table with the bunnies. Maybe some soft pink floral baby crib bedding and then a look at more Baby Furniture. Who about an armoire that has hand painted doors of a flower garden with the bunnies to tie it all in. A beautiful crystal chandelier will finish this room off. Please look through our site to see the large variety of Baby Furniture that we have. You any so many things that can be included in your Baby Decor.

I am looking for a shower gift. What would you suggest?

If you are looking for something to make a statement... Choose Baby Furniture.

How do I find out what the Mom is doing in the way of Baby Decor?

There is so much out there now a days. You can buy themed shelving, decorated boxes, art work, wall stickers, decorative rugs. This category is so large... There is so much Baby Decor.

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From Crib to College. If you are ready to spoil your new little arrival, here is a good place to start. Our Children's Furniture is both Beautiful and Durable. Oh and let's not forget affordable. Our Children's Bedroom Furniture and Nursery Furniture can be left to your own imagination. So many Possibilities. If you are expecting your first baby here is a good place to start.
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